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So we got to visit my baby! He is hooked up to all kinds of machines and it just breaks my heart, I started crying and my girlfriend hugged me and try comforting me and she kissed me, just a little peck on the lips right? Okay and one of the nurses came by and said “are you two together?” and I said “yes, why?” and she said “and that’s your baby?” and I said “yes?” and she looked very confused and said “well can you please not do that here? It can make some of the families uncomfortable” 

Are you fucking kidding me. 

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  2. sesame-cake said: OMG What? Like, what a time to worry about that nonsense. UGGGGH I’m sorry you had to deal with that.
  3. malamai said: it’s moments like this that a giant fist should come from the sky and squish people.
  4. carrying-hope said: How unprofessional and inconsiderate. You are comforting each other like I’m sure everyone else was. I’m sorry you had to deal with this.
  5. favoniaa said: 99.9% sure that she can’t do that.
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